November 2009

Vampire Empire

I wrote “Vampire Empire” almost three years ago – February 13, 2007, to be exact. Like a lot of my Halloween Carols™, it was a study of counterpoint on the couch. (Counterpoint is a type of musical composition.) I had gone through a very painful break-up the year before which sent me into a black hole, and the couch became the hub for most of my activities.

Dark Glass

My song “Dark Glass” is the only track on my “A Broom With A View” album that is not directly from my Halloween Carols™ collection.

I wrote this song before I had conceived the idea of Halloween Carols in 2004. When did I write it … 2001 or 2002 … I can’t remember right now. Starting in the late 1990’s, I wanted to write beautiful Halloween music – most of it about Halloween history – and I was exploring a lot of areas and ideas.