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A Message from Kristen's Cat

Hello, humans and other creatures who love Kristen’s music. I’m her cat, Molly Macabre the Halloween Cat. Kristen’s been sick over the past month, so I’ve decided to write her blog for her.

I thought only cats like me hacked hairballs, but meowow! She became sick two days after Thanksgiving for about two weeks, seemed to be getting better for a week, then got sick again. I’ve been doing my cat-ly duties by lying on her stomach to keep her warm. I also give her nose kissies early in the morning to make sure she’s not dead.

Vampire Empire

I wrote “Vampire Empire” almost three years ago – February 13, 2007, to be exact. Like a lot of my Halloween Carols™, it was a study of counterpoint on the couch. (Counterpoint is a type of musical composition.) I had gone through a very painful break-up the year before which sent me into a black hole, and the couch became the hub for most of my activities.

Dark Glass

My song “Dark Glass” is the only track on my “A Broom With A View” album that is not directly from my Halloween Carols™ collection.

I wrote this song before I had conceived the idea of Halloween Carols in 2004. When did I write it … 2001 or 2002 … I can’t remember right now. Starting in the late 1990’s, I wanted to write beautiful Halloween music – most of it about Halloween history – and I was exploring a lot of areas and ideas.

An Article on my Halloween Carols™ from my Hometown Newspaper

Happy All Hallows Day, my dear Trick-or-Treaters! I hope you all had enchanting, fun Halloweens last night.

The Orange County Register published an article on my Halloween Carols™ yesterday that made front page! I thought you might enjoy reading it:

Mostly Ghostly - the boast-y host-y

Of all my Halloween Carols, “Mostly Ghostly” is the only one for which I wrote the words first.

Isn’t that funny? I was always taught by music teachers and professors that text comes first, then the music, so that the music can express the text. Well, “Mostly Ghostly” is the only one that follows that advice.

The Souling Songs - souling for souls

Before I purr on and on about the Souling Song, I’d like to wish my soul friend, Lady Bats, a happy birthday today. Happy All Births Day. In her words, she and I are “carved from the same pumpkin.”

Broomy Zoomy Zoom!

It’s time to blog about the title track from my Halloween CD this year – “A Broom With A View.”

It’s about a witch taking a joy ride on a broom. This is one song I could call “Halloween History ‘Lite’” because I don’t go too far into the history of witches and Halloween. I just wanted to create a mood and emotion of a lovely, elegant witch taking an otherworldly ride through the sky.

Sleeping Dust - humming past the graveyard

“Sleeping Dust – ‘The Death Lullaby’” is the third Halloween Carol I wrote.

It came to me that first day when I decided that we need Halloween carols. I had played the organ for a funeral, and the autumn equinox was a week away. “Ghost of John,” the traditional American folk tune, came to my head during the service and I felt the pull to go directly home to my piano and write.

More Cat Für You!

For those who don’t sneeze at the presence or thought of a cat, I would like to let you know that Molly’s song, “Cats In The Catacombs,” is up on YouTube. It’s mostly still photography, but includes some video of her recording session:

She is my “mews.”

Kitties in the Kitty-combs

If you don’t like cats, I advise you to avert your eyes from this blog right now.

Because I’m going to tell you about my Halloween Carol, “Cats In The Catacombs,” which is full of cat goodness!

Oh yes, I LOVES deh kittehs! In fact, a good dose of “lolcats” is happy medicine. If you’ve never heard of this site …

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