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Miss Flappy Bat

I’d like to tell you a bit about a bat.

A flappy bat.

Yes, I know that “flappy” is not a word, but I want it to be, and that’s one reason I love writing music and lyrics … NO RULES. Of course there are “rules” in music composition and English grammar, but sometimes rules need to be broken … intelligently … to wrangle one’s art as one’s vision guides.

So … “Flappy Bat” … it’s just fun to say out loud. Try it! Flappy bat. Flappy bat.

Happy October!

Oooooooh, it always makes me so happy to arrive in October. *sigh* We made it. We made it through the long, hot summer months and now we get to revel in this beautiful season. My nose, eyeballs, and heart are swimming in the wonderful smells, visions, and feelings.

Trick-or-Treat Yourself to my NEW HALLOWEEN CD

My darling Trick-or-Treaters!

My new Halloween CD – “A Broom With A View” – is now officially online for sale. Go trick-or-treat yourselves!

Happy Autumn Equinox to you tomorrow! Did I deliver on my promise or what? “New Halloween CD coming the end of summer.”

Whew. (*swipes brow*)

A Broom With A View - my new Halloween CD aaaalllmost online for sale

Hello Trick-or-Treaters! As we wait for my new CD to be online for sale (any day now), I thought it high time to announce the title and track listing.

Yes, there she is …

A Broom With A View – from the Halloween Carols

… my new, full-length Halloween CD. And she can’t wait to fly into your life. Here are the 13 little goodies:

1 – Mostly Ghostly – Entrance Music (2:20)

2 – A Broom With A View (5:16)

3 – Souling Song – All Hallows Version (7:56)

4 – Souling Song – Samhain Version (7:10)

Halloween CD Almost Here To Hear!

Oh, my dear Trick-or-Treaters! Your time has nearly arrived! Yes, your time is almost here to go Trick-or-Treating with your ears.

Igor Back, Stiletto Feet

Crazy. That’s what I was over the last few days. Why, you ask? Well, it was voluntary craziness, but that’s simply what you do to help out friends. That’s what friends do for me, and that’s what I do for friends.

Bellies and Brains

I recently had an out-of-belly experience. Food poisoning. My first case of it. Oh, I hope, hope, hope it’s my last. What torture. My traumatized tummy did not want anything in it for a couple of days. And then it said to me, “You know, you ought to put a little something in me. I trust you.” Yes, I have such a nice, understanding belly.

Organ Music Donor

Hello, my dear Trick-or-Treaters! I can’t believe that June is half over, but I’m happy to report that my new, full-length CD for this Halloween is really starting to come together and sparkle (these last few days, I’ve been so excited and dancing around to my new Samhain song, which I just added drums to with the help of the talented Micah Anderson). More on all that in a paragraph or two, but right now I’ll come to the main point of this blog …

The Birthday Corpse!

My bicycle – Bianca, She-Goblin of Might – and I just returned from an evening ride through the cemetery and while there, we happened upon a really neat thing. A family was gathered around a grave, singing, of all things … “Happy Birthday.”

(Now, this was a non-incident bike ride, not a wasp-inside-sports-bra-biting-left-breast-crash-incident. For more details on that harrowing episode, let me refer you to my blog from last August entitled, “The Lore of Mountain Bike Gore.”)

Zombie Cowgirl

Hey! I just thought of a competition for the Halloween Olympics! The Decapithon! I think only zombies and skeletons could compete. So don’t sign up unless you are one of those. And no, being tired or not eating enough doesn’t count.

I almost qualified as a zombie these past two weeks. Well, kind of a cowgirl-zombie-thing. I’ll explain. It starts with a “HEE-YAW!!!” That’s the sound of my trying to make my pipe organ software work for me. I have been a metaphorical whip-wielder.

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