Of Maidens and Monsters

Hello Trick-or-Treaters!

Sigh. What a beautiful month it has been. Whenever October comes, I make a point to devour it as completely as I can. “Lick the plate clean” …

… like I do at one of my favorite restaurants, Zov’s (in Tustin on 17th, right off the 55). They have a calamari appetizer that sends my brain to far-off places. It’s not fried like most calamari dishes are. Rather, it comes swimming in this sauce. Oh, this sauce. Thanks to the mopping power of their chewy rolls, we send the dish back completely wiped clean and dry.

Mmmm, that’s how I take in October. The sun is doing that magical thing again. That lower-angle thing.

I had a particularly cozy day a few Saturdays ago while that choice sun angle framed everything. I spent all day in my pajamas, figuring out and working with some sheet music software on my computer. 16 hours - 9am to 1am. Computers and technology used to make my brain shut down, but now I ask myself, “Kristen, if you lived a few centuries ago, would you be freaked out by pipe organs? Quite the advanced technological gear back then.”

Then I take out my cat woman whip and make the computer programs whimper.


Last Saturday I had the delight of playing keys with The Iron Maidens (all-female tribute to Iron Maiden) for their Halloween show in Santa Ana. They are outstanding musicians. And it’s always a thrill for me to play with drums. Drummy, drummy, yummy.

Mid-show, I played the toccata from Bach’s “Toccata and Fugue in D minor” then we went straight into “Fear of the Dark.” They’re in the same key and it made for a bunch of yelping fun.

That night I played the role of “Michelle Kenney,” the feminine counterpart of Michael Kenney, the original keyboard player for Iron Maiden. And he came to the show. It was a pleasure to meet him and chat. We’re pals now.

Also appearing at the show was Derek Riggs, the artist who created Eddie and all the album covers. He’s a sweet guy. You wouldn’t think he’s got all of these monsters in his brain.


Well, I hope all of you are having a marvelous Halloween weekend. I can’t get enough of these glowing pumpkins.