Woah, Hold Your Headless Horsemen!

Hello Trick-or-Treaters ~

To update you on my latest Halloween music offerings …

It’s taking longer to complete the mixing/mastering of this song than I thought (it’s a long song), so hang tight!

Sip your hot cider. Sew your Halloween costume. Pet your cat.

I wish I could get it out to you sooner, but I’m your proverbial girl next door, and don’t have the high-end budget to make I-want-it-yesterday demands. Someday. I hope.

If you’d like to make those demands by my side, then please keep spreading the word about my Halloween Carols to your friends, acquaintances, associates … to anyone! Fed Ex delivery people, cashiers, bank tellers, grumpy grocery shoppers, cheerful tea sippers, fellow citizens called in for jury summons …

This happened to me earlier this week – can you believe it? Yeah, jury summons. Talk about NOT NOW!!!!! I had an acidic knot in my stomach while sitting there all day in the Orange County Superior Court, knowing that I have so much work to do (but it was good to catch up on reading Lesley Bannatyne’s Halloween Nation: Behind the Scenes of America’s Fright Night). Excuses, exschmushes. This place doesn’t take too much pity on the self-employed. Or anyone, really. I adore my country and the justice system set up by my inspired founders, but it’s autumn … and there are so many other people available to be one of those blind-folded judgey things who don’t write Halloween music. Call me in November. Or don’t.

Anyway, I was dismissed. And funny thing, on my way to the courthouse the radio played Poulenc’s “Organ Concerto” and on my way home it played Saint-Saëns’ “Organ Symphony.” I love uncanny moments.

And I love seeing all the temporary Halloween stores pop up around town. Well, I guess what I really love about it is seeing the word “Halloween” everywhere. Especially while the sun is setting earlier and earlier. Oooh, sniff it in and grin.

So, I’ll get my new music out to you as soon as I can, my dear Trick-or-Treaters. Sorry to leave you hanging at my porch with your satchels empty. But I know you’re a supportive gang of Halloween nutcases, and I appreciate so much that you’ve been asking me for more music. It means an awful lot. But you’re certainly not an awful lot. You’re a splendid lot!

Mollycat purrs,


P.S. ~ Is anyone friends with Alice Cooper and Rob Zombie? Tell them I should open up their concerts by playing “Toccata and Fugue in D minor” on an arena-scale pipe organ. Arrrrrrr. Purrrrrr.