Win a Signed Set of Kristen Lawrence’s Halloween Carols CDs

Win a Signed Set of Kristen Lawrence’s Halloween Carols CDs

Free Contest for October 2011

~ Three Winners ~

The Rules:

- Create a video for YouTube using my song, “Ghost of John (Bare Bones Version)” – free download on my website:

- Your “video” can be a single photo, or a series of photos, or a real video, or whatever. (Keep it simple. Don’t take too long making it. Just have fun and put it out there! It’s a contest for THE MOST VIEWS, so even if you have a simple photo with my song playing, and it is one of the three videos that get the most views, you win!)

- Keep it tasteful. I reserve the right to disqualify any naughty Trick-or-Treaters.

- MUST have my name included somewhere in the title, spelled correctly.

- MUST have my name, song title, and website info included in the description.

- MUST be a new video posted on YouTube after this announcement. (Previously uploaded videos with prior views do not count.)

- Send me an email through my website contact page. Tell me you’re entering the contest, and include the YouTube link to your video:

- Trick-or-Treaters in all countries are welcome to participate.



- Contest ends at 9:00pm (Pacific time), October 25, 2011.

- Take a screenshot or photo of your video on YouTube with the CONTEST END-TIME in the corner – give or take a few minutes. Make sure it shows the time of day and the number of views.

- Email it to me (through my website contact page) with the time zone/country you are in. (I’ll be checking the videos as the contest rolls along!)

- The top three entries with the most views by 9:00pm (Pacific time), October 25, 2011 win!

- I’ll check all the entries and announce the winners the next morning. I’ll email the three winners and ask for their addresses, then put the prized goods in the mail.


- How do I take a screenshot?

(Hint: when I took a screenshot on my mac with shift-apple-3, it went straight to my desktop for easy grabbing and attaching)

- How do I put my video on YouTube? Go to and create a channel. Upload your video to your channel. Be sure to make it public!


Tell your friends about this contest! Have fun. Be witty. Get those views!

Three winners will each receive a set of:

A signed CD of “A Broom With A View – from the Halloween Carols”
A signed CD of “Arachnitect – from the Halloween Carols”
A signed promotional CD of “Vampire Empire – Radio Edits from the Halloween Carols”