Announcing Kristen's Trick-or-Treater Street Team

Hello Trick-or-Treaters!

I want to say thank you. THANK YOU, my dear, darling Trick-or-Treaters. I have received such nice emails from many of you, and I appreciate your kind words and your support.

Some of you have asked me how you can help spread the word of my Halloween Carols. I’m delighted and grateful! Because I’m my own record label – Vörswell Music – I need to sell pumpkin heaps of CDs (and/or get my songs licensed for TV or film … oooh la la!) before I can record my next CD.

So, I hereby announce to those interested:

Kristen Lawrence’s Porch-to-Porch Trick-or-Treater Street Team

– Sharing Her Halloween Carols –

And I shall call you my …


– Porchgoers Under Masks Promoting Kristen’s Intriguing New Sound –

The beauty of this street team is that you don’t have to sign up to be official. If you want to be one of the PUMPKINS, you are!

How to help:

- Tell friends in person. Tell friends through email. Send out an email to your good friends, and if they like my music, ask them to tell their friends, and their friends, and their friends. You can link to my YouTube channel:

- Find stores, shops, and boutiques in your area where my CDs would fit in. Tell the manager why you like my music, that it is growing in popularity around the world, and that they would probably get sales if they play it in their store during September/October. If they want to sell it, they can contact me through my website:

- And any other ideas that you creative souls come up with! I’m sure many of you are connected to event organizers, teachers, dance instructors, journalists, popular bloggers, theme parks, pumpkin patch owners, radio/TV stations, filmmakers, and other influential people. Slip them some of my “ear candy” – let’s see if they would like to incorporate it!

Why so early? Why right now?

Right now is the time to get Halloween merchandise arrangements settled with shops. Most stores are buying or have already bought what they will sell this Halloween. But even if a store has already made its purchases, there is nothing like persuasive enthusiasm! Tell them what this music does to your ears! Tell them why you like it so much! Tell them it will sell if people can hear it!

I’ve been contacting local and nationwide stores, but don’t worry if you duplicate my efforts – it will only help!

I’ve contacted Grandin Road, hoping to be included in their “Halloween Haven” catalogue. This company has ties with Martha Stewart and all of the more elegant Halloween décor she promotes, so I’m crossing my fingers extra twisty on this one. If you or someone you know has ties to Grandin Road or Martha Stewart, I’d be very grateful for any “greasing of the pathway.”

I’ve contacted Victorian Trading Company as well. They sell lovely items there as well as Lesley Bannatyne’s books (my Halloween heroine)! Crossing fingers and skulls!

I’m hoping to find a way to be a “Starbucks Pick of the Week” this October. I talked with a Starbucks dude (thanks, Peter!) who was very helpful, but alas, iTunes is in charge of those picks. iTunes is a different creature to try to get a hold of. Any connections or ideas, please do send them my way!

And there are lots of other connections I’m in the middle of making. I’m so grateful to be making music today when we have the glorious internet. I’m so glad that I don’t have to sell my soul to a record company. I want to deliver my music 100% pure to you!

Thank you again, my Trick-or-Treaters throughout the world! It’s lovely to hear from so many of you. FYI, I do most of my conversing on facebook, so if you aren’t already on my page, come share “candy” on my “porch” with all the other masquerading souls:

And for those who want to be PUMPKINS, be my PUMPKINS and know that I deeply appreciate you! You are helping me give you more music!

Go to, you wonderful PUMPKINS!

Curl and swirl

Your lithe, little tendrils,

Oh, my PUMPKINS fair.

Reach into

Those dark, hidden corners

To my music share.

Carve atop

Your brains, mighty PUMPKINS!

Open minds and aught.

Dig out what

You dig, darling PUMPKINS!

Show your seeds of thought.

Etch and shape

Your ears and your eyes so

Music comes to sight.

And a smile

Engrave, lovely PUMPKINS!

Share your glowing light.