A Message from Kristen's Cat

Hello, humans and other creatures who love Kristen’s music. I’m her cat, Molly Macabre the Halloween Cat. Kristen’s been sick over the past month, so I’ve decided to write her blog for her.

I thought only cats like me hacked hairballs, but meowow! She became sick two days after Thanksgiving for about two weeks, seemed to be getting better for a week, then got sick again. I’ve been doing my cat-ly duties by lying on her stomach to keep her warm. I also give her nose kissies early in the morning to make sure she’s not dead.

Kristen has been going through her Halloween Carols and thinking about which ones to arrange for her next CD. I hear her humming and playing a particular one over and over. She once told me that it was about the Roman history involved in Halloween. I get to hear a lot about her carols while she’s writing them because I often sit next to her at the piano bench or couch when she’s writing and she’ll tell me little insights.

Kristen and I spent Christmas with our whole family and it was lovely. Her dad (my Grandpaw) cooks prime rib every Christmas Eve and Kristen gives me all the fatty meat from her cut. I love the fatty meat. She loves me so much.

While I’m writing this, I want to thank you from the bottom of my tail to the tips of my whiskers for your kind comments about my performance in “Cats in the Catacombs.” I don’t like it when Kristen holds me because I’m a control freak (she held me while I recorded the vocals), but … I guess I should thank Kristen for making me a rock star.

Kristen tells me that it’s New Year’s Eve tonight. Well, whatever that means to you humans, I hope it’s fun for you, but it couldn’t possibly top all the fun I have napping all day.