More Cat Für You!

For those who don’t sneeze at the presence or thought of a cat, I would like to let you know that Molly’s song, “Cats In The Catacombs,” is up on YouTube. It’s mostly still photography, but includes some video of her recording session:

She is my “mews.”

Also, for those who tuned in to my interview on “The Steve and Johnnie Show” on Chicago’s WGN 720, and enjoyed “Cats In The Catacombs” broadcast there, I want to let you know that they played the special radio edit of that song which includes more of Molly’s “singing” so to make it more catchy for on-air.

The splendorous news is that you can buy that version as a single-track download, if you wish. It’s available on my CD, “Vampire Empire – radio edits from the Halloween Carols™.” It’s on CD Baby, iTunes, and DF Jams Store (links on my WebbySite –

If any of you missed the interview, you can catch it here:

Molly put her face right in mine to wake me up this morning. If you’ve never experienced a wake-up-call like this, I think you’re missing out. However, I know many of you feel like drop-kicking every cat you see, so just go on living your unenlightened lifestyles, and Molly will laugh all the way to the Nine Lives Bank.