You are truly wonderful

Dear Kristen,
I have never been more enthralled by someone taming the King of Instruments quite like you. Your haunting Halloween melodies are the best way for me to de-stress and forget about everything else on my mind. I also am in awe of your classical organ repertoire, and I enjoy the snippets from services you post on Facebook. I would love to see an entire Mass. I'm sure it would make my hair stand up and give me goose bumps.

I have to admit I get a warm rush all over my body from listening to your remarkable performances. I would love nothing more than to see you become an international star.

Much love,


Dear Trick or Treaters,

I would love to hear from you, but because of spammy Polterguests, I am having to close this portal. if you would like to write me a note, please go to my CONTACT page or join me on FACEBOOK.


greetings and a little request

greetings from germany!
just found your music on youtube and myspace.
you're a good artist; i like to listen to your music.
i've got a little request: would it be possible to offer your music on amazon?
it's much easier to buy things, movies and music which aren't offerd in the EU there then somewhere else - so your european fans could get your music easier and faster...

Hi Matthias! Thank you so

Hi Matthias!

Thank you so much. I distribute my music through CD Baby: http://www.cdbaby.com/artist/kristenlawrence

They should have it up on Amazon in Europe. If there is a problem, please let them know! We definitely want to get my music to you!

I appreciate your writing and telling me. Best to you!


I just wanted to say I was

I just wanted to say I was feeling down because Halloween's important to me, and there's another group of jerks trying to ruin it and call it evil - and by luck, I found your music five minutes later.

And it pretty much made my month.

Thank you.

Reap What You Sow...

They often say that one reaps what they sow. If the thought, talent, and creativity act as the seed, then the sound is the harvest. It's quite the impressive patch, if I do say so myself. Not only did these projects bloom and swell into a product most appealing, but also full of taste, sweet and rich.

Ever since I found Kristen Lawrence last year, her songs have remained upon my playlist. As an All Hallow's Eve fanatic myself, I will stake my reputation as a phantom on this: no trick-or-treat, party, or haunt playlist should do without the sound of Ms. Lawrence's organ or voice.

If you only buy one Halloween-themed album this year (which would be silly... who would only want *one* when Halloween is such a spectacularly spooky spectacle?) may it be one of Ms. Lawrence's Carol Albums. Or... in the case that like me, you eat, sleep, and breathe Halloween (and oft on a literal basis), then I would recommend these albums be top priority on your "buy" list.

These songs are delightfully eerie yet appropriate for all age groups. Some are refreshing new takes on old classic songs such as "the Ghost of John" and "Souling Song" while others are creatively original pieces: "Vampire Empire", "Cats in the Catacomb", and my favorite, the Samhain version of "Souling Song".

To Ms. Lawrence: I eagerly look forward to any future projects you may have planned. Until then: Happy Haunting.

Reading about the halloween

Reading about the halloween of your youth, was almost lke resding a page out of my life! I find your music so mesmerizing and beautiful. You have truly captured the spirit of halloween!! home mole removal

I'm Loving Your Music!

I've just discovered your music and it's wonderful! I can't wait to hear the full albums! Like you, I am trying to fill the world with Hallowe'en carols! Keep up the amazing work!

Happy Haunting!

Alan Sanborn

Thank you !!

Thank you for the recomendations !!! Love your unique style of music, and will try to get more folk's listening !!!

Love your music Kristen!

My son and I met you up near the stage at Johnny Vatos' Tribute to Halloween at the Grove (Oingo Boingo Forever!). Thanks for the postcard and the sweet treat. Love your original music, your singing, your playing and your unique website. My son is headed to college to become a composer as well. Wishing you a happy Halloween.

Cool Music

Listened to a posting of your music on facebook. I enjoyed the song. Just checked out your website. Very Cool. I Love Halloween Music!!!

Was looking for the Ghost of

Was looking for the Ghost of John on YouTube and found you. Your songs
were so cool and I just wanted to thank you for them.

Comment: Is any of your music

Is any of your music available as sheet music? Our local AGO chapter is
planning a Halloween program and I would love to include some of your


Harold Julander
Organist, Church of the Incarnation
Santa Rosa, CA

Greg Shoop

I had the opportunity to me Kristen in person last night. She is just as wonderful as her music. I can't wait to incorporate some of her music into my haunt. Sandy Utah

Raven Hunter

Delightful! You are a kindred spirit! It is so rare to find new music that resonates...but I haven't slept for two days, and I must trundle off to bed. Many good wishes, joyous performances and

Twana Gilles

Hello Kristen, I found your site through hunt forum. I'm also a halloween fanantic from a very early age. Reading about the halloween of your youth, was almost lke resding a page out of my life! I find your music so mesmerizing and beautiful. You have truly captured the spirit of halloween!! Blessings and lite, ~Blessed1~


LOVE your work. An instant fan. Happy Halloween! Rot www.pumpkinrot.com


My god I love your music *--*

Lorraine Bitter

Kristen, I was reading about you and thought about the Halloween songs that were in the Children's Friend when I was young. I remember my mother teaching them in primary. Fun memories. My favorite was "Halloween Cat."

Nicole Delli Paoli

I was talking to your mom and she actually told me about this... it's AWESOME! :D I'm glad that she did tell me! :)

mark s

your music is prity good lol i was taking to you at the show the other night im the one who building his own organ

David Olsen

For some reason I had the song "Rose, Rose, Rose, Rose, how I long to see thee wed" stuck in my head today. Stupid earworm, even if I do like the tune. Odd that I was thinking of it since I don't think I've even heard it for years. But what's the name of that tune, anyway? Surely, Google could help me. My Google-fu was weak, though, until I had a sudden insight: maybe the tune is related to the "Dies Irae" as the intervals are very close to each other. New search terms: BAM! I hit your blog where you had a similar insight. The next thing I know, I've fallen down the rabbit hole and exploring your world of Halloween Carols. You have a lot of interesting stuff here which is scratching an itch I didn't realize I had. Good things to keep me occupied on a cold, lonely February night. Anyway, I thought I'd just write a comment describing my past couple of hours. Isn't the internet wonderful?

brian graham

do you have cd's of your work that I can buy? BG

Kacie Luzier

My husband and his family are VERY much into Halloween. They have a crazy huge halloween party every year. I'm so thrilled that I got to hear your version of "Have You Seen The Ghost Of John", because its one of my favorites:)


Hey Kristen! I saw a profile on you in the OC Register, and I was instantly hooked on the idea of Halloween carols. Thank you for sharing your incredible talents with the world, and I can't wait to hear what you do next!

Belladonna Bane

Beautiful, her voice is gorgeous! I'll enjoy singing these songs tomorrow.

Helen Spencer

Not sure if you got my last comment, so I will repeat it: I adore your halloween carols and I want them all!! Please release CDs and more downloads on amazon. And maybe a song book for those of us who didn't practise quite as hard. Your music is haunting and chillingly beautiful yet disturbingly calming (that could be an oxymoron, perhaps i am the moron). You are amazingly talented and have produced something quite unique - it should be heard. Have you done any music for film/TV?

Brianna Taylor

We just heard your interview online!!! Yeah for you!! Hopefully things turn out well. We love the CD Thank you Thank you. You did a WONDERFUL job :) Can't wait to hear more. See you at sunday dinner.


Hi Kristen! It was so great to chat with you on Sunday. I've checked out your music and am SO in love with it!! Truly, you are an incredibly, incredibly gifted artist. I already knew this the first time I saw you play, but still, I am just in awe. I was so excited to hear The Ghost of John!! I too had completely forgotten about this little gem since childhood. I loved singing it in rounds in elementary school. I played your version for my older sister (who has been my music source all my life - she has excellent taste!) and she absolutely loved it. I ordered us two cds. : ) So looking forward to your new album!


Hi Kristen! It was so awesome to meet you Saturday night. Thanks again for signing my CD with the birthday & trick or treat wishes! :)

Felipe Freire

Hello, Kristen !! I´m Felipe Freire, from MySpace. Just passing by to send you a kiss. God bless you !!

Ember Rose

I just added you to my Myspace and decided to check out your page. Your music is definatly a lift to my spirits, because I too love Halloween and am tired of not finding good music to go with the holiday. I got my fiance to listen and said I wanted to use some of your songs in our wedding this October, because they would fit right in. Hopefully he agrees. :-) Keep up the awesome work and keep the music coming. And thank you sooooooooooooo much for finally making Halloween music.

Ghost Walk

We LOVE your music! Darkly wonderful! Would you like to discuss working with us?

Bruce W. Cashman

Kirsten I am here as promised!!! Haha! I got the free download of "Ghost Of John", thank you so much for that! Your music is great! Of course, like everyone else in the guestbook, I too LIVE for Halloween!!! You music is truly outstanding! Ever hear Rob Zombie's "Halloween Hootenanny"? It's all surf guitar bands doing songs about Halloween. Rob even sings one with a surf guitar band. It's kinda surreal...

Gary Mackintosh-White

Thanx Kristen , your Music is most deffo inkeeping with the Halloween spirit. Every day is Halloween to me , and i prepare early in the year , for October. Being a Fellow Musician , my Music has the Halloween edge too , Lets never change huh ?


Thank you for inviting me to your site i am truly honoured, your music is inspirational i love the Organ, Brilliant well done, looking forward to you joining me on myspace


Hi Kristen, thanks for the very spooky music... i like it a lot!!!


LOVE...the pic of Molly when she's growling. Showing the teeth and everything! P.S.. can't wait for the album!


Hi..love your music!! Anyway to buy your cd without credit cards?


Great music!! Thanks for your music, is very appreciate!!! You are amazing!! Alot of kisses!!

Kat Ryan aka Dark Angel ^v^

Your music is enchanting... thank you for finding me on the myspace... May the darkness of night wrap you in her warm and soft embrace... xxx ^v^ xxx

Geoff Garrett

You are so awesome.....


I love your music...I've been searching for good Halloween music all my life...and I finally found it! Thank you for your friendly invite.


I love your music. Thank you for introducing me to your site. I'm thankful for people like you who love to keep the Halloween spirit strong and healthy throughout the year!!!


Here's to a bigger and better Halloween


I like your Halloween Music, Thanks for inviting me here. Ghostman for MySpace

M Ryan Taylor

Hey Kristen, it is so freaky to bump into you through the linescratchers blog, and to think we've both got Halloween albums out now. What a weird coincidence. Hope you are doing awesome, it's been a long time since seeing you last. Come check my Halloween kids album out at http://thirteenforhalloween.com - I've got a ghost of john as well, but I think yours is cooler (and a lot longer). All the best, Ryan (Meredith) P.S. 'dlove to hear from you.

Jonelle Goddard

Rich and masterful organ and orchestral accompaniments combined with catchy, ethereal vocals that linger in your mind long after hearing them and make these Halloween carols everything you'd want them to be! "Phantom of the Opera meets Kristen's Arachnitect...I love it!"

Georgia Ferris

The site is fabulous! Kristen is a slippery dark goddess of muse-ic! Yay!


Sweetwebsite Kristen!! LOvingyou so much sister.. when you gonna come travel and meet all your kindreds? Me thinks you would like oregon very much lassie. LOVEYOU Krista