From the recording Gust (Ghost Town Version)

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music and lyrics - Kristen Lawrence

vocals, background soprano and alto – Kristen Lawrence
background bass and tenor, gusts – Ricky Mckillips
guitars, baritone guitar, mandolin – Steve Bartek
bass – Francesco DiCosmo
drums – Jeff Friedl
theremin – Lara Wickes


Gusty sprits sing, “Halloween!”
Autumn skies unveil their mien.
Fallen leaves sheen,
Whirling there, showing where ghosts have been.

Through the chilly Halloween night,
Ghosts and demons trick our sight.
Wild in their flight –
Catch your hair, satchels tear – they just might!

Impish flurries curl past your nose,
Gusting moans and howling blows.
Oh, how fear grows,
Quivering, shivering to your toes!

Gusty spirits sing, “Halloween!”
Halloween … Halloween … Halloween … Halloween

At a crossroads or by a grave,
Mind you how the winds behave.
Lantern flames wave –
From a jack in the black – howl and rave!